"whoever doesn't hear their music will, little by little, go crazy"

Mariana Ingold and Kit Walker met quite spontaneously in 2010. Both of them being explorers in music and consciousness, they found themselves together in the same moment in Barcelona, Spain, at the home of a mutual musical friend with whom they were both working. They instantly recognized each other, and recognized that they were to be and to work together. Then began a process of overcoming various obstacles that are common to natives of the whole planet such as they are, that is, how to be in the same place together without legal and immigration restraints. So their journey together began with a period of time in Northern California, where Kit had been living for a long time. Since their recognition of each other included a discovery of their synchronicity of musical compatibility and tastes, their work together began there in a small house by the ocean north of San Francisco, where they lived in relative seclusion, writing and recording many of their compositions in Kit's studio. The results of that time produced the album "Out of Time" (Fuera del Tiempo), and a second album, "Namaste Gaia". The Namaste Gaia album includes several of their favorite musicians on various tracks: Frank Briggs, and Mark Walker on drums, and Matthew Heulitt and Leonardo Amuedo on guitars.

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workshops and classes


Musicalizing Existence ceremony of being

Coming Soon: daylong and weekend workshops of total music immersion. Included will be periods of silent meditation, active music meditations, dance, singing, rhythm, laughter, and conversation in circle. We will be looking at new ways to participate in music, for beginners and advanced musicians. In particular, we will be exploring the methods of our Music 2.0 teaching, which includes all of the above and more. Read more about Music 2.0 at the link below:

Music 2.0

Fractal Rhythm workshops / talleres

Fractal Rhythm Theory is a new way to approach the component of rhythm in music, and is designed to benefit anyone from beginner to advanced. It is not training in drums or percussion, but rather a way for any musician to improve their rhythmic vocabulary and inventiveness, and for composers to expand their palette. Based on palindromic polyrhythms, the training is designed to balance the brain and relax attention into the central circuit of the body/mind, from whence creativity spontaneously arises.

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Tuning the Instrument vocal workshops

An encounter with our voice and our body as an instrument, for sharing the feeling of being, and for remembering that all that happens is for giving and receiving. Ceremony and communion through simple songs from different parts of the world which take us to the time when magic ruled the Earth, making us feel that it is still present, waiting for us to give it permission to manifest.

"It is not therapy, but is therapeutic.
it is not meditation, but is meditative.
You don't have to be a singer, but you will leave singing.
It is not a class, but you will learn.
You need not arrive happy, but you will leave very happy." (comment from a participant in Spain)

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As the world of music is changing very quickly, it is really up for grabs how musicians are to continue making a living. We are opting to take a stand for our own music and direction, rather than to bow to commercial demands. We feel that if someone has it very clear what their unique path is, it is their responsibility to follow it, however many obstacles may be in the way. When you find what it is that is yours and yours alone to do, if you don't do it, it won't get done. We have created a Patreon page just in case anyone feels moved to support us in our direction. We are entirely home-made, we have no corporate backing whatsoever. We hope you enjoy what we are offering, and will consider even a small monthly pledge to help us along. More info at the link below, thank you!

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our music

El Atajo / The Shortcut
Namaste Gaia
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