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Fractal Rhythm Theory is the result of a lifetime with music, and the connecting of several different interests of mine.

It was born out of the search for a solution to the problem of originality in music. As more and more music is written and recorded every day, and now more than ever, it is becoming harder and harder to come up with music that hasn’t been done before. Have you noticed, how much emphasis there is on the music of the past? Where and what is the music of the future?

And have you noticed how little music nowadays has a “classic” component? And by that, i mean, an eternal component, which makes the music “evergreen”, i.e. it never gets old. Have you noticed how some music is like that, and some isn’t? I have always been very curious why that is so, and if there is a way to learn, and teach it. Can originality be learned? Can we tap into it at will, or is it just a fleeting thing?

So it occurred to me that, in order to keep coming up with music that is fresh, we are going to have to dig into Infinite Supply. That is the only way to come up with something fresh, time and time again. So, we can put music under the microscope, so to speak, and have a peek into the fractal dimension of music, where the spontaneous and infinite patterning of Nature is always going on.

In the first few videos i introduce one way to look at this rhythmic process, with my “Fractal Rhythm Generator”, a file i made in Ableton Live, which is just an easy way to play around with polyrhythmic combinations. What i have found is that simply playing around with these rhythms opens up my compositional process, and my improvising.

Rhythm is one of the main components of music, and we can find entirely new sounds, just by shifting the rhythm, even slightly. We have been so “shuffled” into BOXES, literally. 4/4 is a box. It is 4, which is the square. And all of the phrase lengths of melodies etc have to be in groups of 4 as well, or people get lost. We have barely scratched the surface of what we can do with music. Music is full of numbers, ratios, and NUMBERS ARE ALIVE. They are not just intellectual concepts, but rather almost like planes of existence, and each one has a unique harmonic, or vibrational energy. Music is the interaction of these living numbers, which has a definite effect on the bodies of those who participate, either by playing or listening. And when i say “bodies”, i really mean the gross, subtle, and causal bodies that each one of us has.

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you heard it here first:



This is something i realized about polyrhythms many years ago, but only recently have i begun
to realize the significance of it. I suggest reading my article “The Charm of Impossibilities: Why Music is Magic”, for a brief introduction of the concept, and why i feel it is significant. It all has to do with the mirror, which has, i feel, a profound esoteric significance. Music is intimately connected with the mirror in many many ways.

I realize that it requires more in depth explanation as well, which is what i plan to do over time.

I also need to stress that I am a student of Fractal Rhythm Theory myself. I am just discovering it, and finding out ways to apply it to music composition and practice. So my intention is to make occasional videos showing my process of exploration of these rhythms. I am interested in providing seed concepts which will spark your interest in creating your own exercises.

I am also new at creating instructional videos, so hopefully you can bear with me as i learn about that too! Thank you for listening and watching, i hope this serves you in some way.

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