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musician : composer, keyboardist, producer
philosopher : writings on music, philosophy, economy, spiritual realization and actualization, sacred arts practice
oracle : zero-point astrology, i ching, human design

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Pleroma contemplations for plasma piano

¡ Qué Papelón !

A little song fresh from the oven that expresses our feelings with respect to the plan to impose another paper plant in Uruguay. follow the link in the description on Youtube for more info. By the way, there is no English translation for the word "papelón". Literally it means a big piece of paper, but a papelón is slang for a serious blunder, a colossal mistake, which is often made with everyone watching, like on stage. This video features some of our lovely heyokah trickster spirits from the neighborhood.

Our latest journey through the looking glass, Aladna Mandala is a compositional étude based on the palindromic rhythms of Fractal Rhythm Theory.

El Atajo (the shortcut) with Mariana Ingold

Infinight: album of ambient deep space music for contemplation of the Eternal

Code of Starlight:
contemplative improvised tone painting for granular plasma piano:
a transmission of radial eternal time

An example of linear comping

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As the world of music is changing very quickly, it is really up for grabs how musicians are to continue making a living. We are opting to take a stand for our own music and direction, rather than to bow to commercial demands. We feel that if someone has it very clear what their unique path is, it is their responsibility to follow it, however many obstacles may be in the way. When you find what it is that is yours and yours alone to do, if you don't do it, it won't get done. We have created a Patreon page just in case anyone feels moved to support us in our direction. We are entirely home-made, we have no corporate backing whatsoever. We hope you enjoy what we are offering, and will consider even a small monthly pledge to help us along. More info at the link below, thank you!

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