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Saturn conjunct Pluto: 2020 Vision: the Great Awakening gets Real

I. The Perfect Storm
II. Deconstructing Satan
III. Reclaiming Our Central Intelligence

On January 12, 2020 we have a massive astrological conjunction, all organized around the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, which were conjunct last in 1982. In other words, this is a major cycle. But, in addition, the coincidence in the conjunction of other planets on that day is quite remarkable. In this essay i would like to explore some of the possible ramifications of this conjunction, and how to get the most out of it , both individually and as a collective. Talk about a fateful day!

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Glass Bead Game prayers and palindromes for pianos

inspired by the novel by Hermann Hesse

Glass Bead Game Spotify

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companion article to the Glass Bead Game:

The Secret Game of Music: the Imaginary Teachings of Magister Ludi


"Herein an attempt will be made to explain the Game and how to play it, with special emphasis on approaching the Game through the musical part of it. But we will eventually uncover many linked nuances to most, if not all, of the sacred arts and sciences. Let us imagine that we can actually invite Magister Ludi, the Master of the Game, here to explain and transmit it to us, even on a very practical level."

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Amando Ando new video with Mariana Ingold

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Pleroma contemplations for plasma piano

Kit Walker Youtube Playlist Sampler 1

¡ Qué Papelón !

A little song fresh from the oven that expresses our feelings with respect to the plan to impose another paper plant in Uruguay. follow the link in the description on Youtube for more info. By the way, there is no English translation for the word "papelón". Literally it means a big piece of paper, but a papelón is slang for a serious blunder, a colossal mistake, which is often made with everyone watching, like on stage. This video features some of our lovely heyokah trickster spirits from the neighborhood.

Another look at the Fractal Rhythm Generator with Ableton Live, this time focusing on drum and bass / jungle grooves. I also discuss more of the basics of the fractal rhythm concept, the 4/4 conspiracy, passing continuum, the duality of odd and even, and how Fractal Rhythm Theory can enhance creativity, originality, and musical intelligence.

Our latest journey through the looking glass, Aladna Mandala is a compositional étude based on the palindromic rhythms of Fractal Rhythm Theory.

El Atajo (the shortcut) with Mariana Ingold

Namaste Gaia : world spirit fusion with Mariana Ingold, dedicated to the planetary awakening

Namaste Gaia on Spotify

Infinight: album of ambient deep space music for contemplation of the Eternal

Code of Starlight:
contemplative improvised tone painting for granular plasma piano:
a transmission of radial eternal time

An example of linear comping

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